anniebee ([personal profile] anniebee) wrote2015-06-04 10:12 pm
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To Miriam English - re your website

I have thoroughly enjoyed what I have seen so far, on your site. It is very comprehensive, and gives me something else to read --- and there's a lot of reading to do. You write splendidly - and your subjects are most interesting.

Always good to see your contributions on AIM ... and now that I have joined this website, I might be able to find some occasions ( precious to me these days - I am as slow as a wet week at times ) to add to my own blog here - which is yet to be created !

I do hope you see this, but just in case ... I will c and p this on your home page ( I hope ) .... as I do enjoy what you write and convey.

Annie B. ( anniebee )